A new era in the diagnosis of osteoporosis.

Innovative radiation free bone densitometer for bone

strength assessment at lumbar vertebrae and femoral neck.


Radiation free bone densitometer for the early diagnosis of osteoporosis at the reference axial sites  through an innovative and fully automatic echographic approach for the evaluation of the bone micro-architecture.

Quick acquisition and instant medical report including all the commons diagnostic parameters. Let’s start a new era definitely making the early diagnosis of osteoporosis a primary care procedure.


Radiation Free.

Innovative echographic technology enables to evaluate lumbar vertebrae and femoral neck.


Advanced fully automatic and operator independent technology.


Quick acquisition with medical report on the spot: 60″ for vertebrae and 40″ for femur.


EchoSound is based on the new proprietary method R.E.M.S. (Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry), an innovative approach for bone micro-architecture characterization through the exploitation of radiofrequency signals acquired during an echographic scan.

The algorithm automatically identifies the volumes of the target bone and discards wrong acquisitions and artefacts.

This patented method is the most advanced innovation for the assessment of bone strength up to now.



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