A new concept of bone health

Paving a new way for bone health management
through prevention, early diagnosis of osteoporosis
and lifetime monitoring at the point of care.
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A new concept
of bone health

Paving a new way for bone
health management through
prevention, early diagnosis of
osteoporosis and lifetime
monitoring at the point of care.Watch the video

R.E.M.S.® Technology

Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry
Radiation-free technology for bone density and quality
assessment at the lumbar vertebrae and the femoral neck.

The technology



Lumbar Vertebrae
Femoral Neck


Bone Density
Bone Quality


A new era in bone densitometry

Revolutionary approach for bone micro-architecture
characterization exploiting the radiofrequency signals
acquired during an echographic scan.
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The very first radiation-free solution for bone
health assessment at the axial sites through a
very simple and fast echographic scan.
The products







Nothing like before

The new State-of-the-Art in bone densitometry
thanks to the extreme ease and the high performance
setting a new standard in bone health assessment.

The science of excellence

The most important personalities of the world’s scientific community
on the diagnosis of osteoporosis and related bone diseases
share their experience with R.E.M.S. technology.

Prof. Maria Luisa Brandi

Director of Bone Mineral and
Metabolism diseases Unit at
Careggi Hospital in Florence.
Prof. of Endocrinology
Univeristy of Florence.
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Prof. Jean-Yves Reginster

ESCEO President
Head of the bone and
cartilage, Metabolism Unit.
University of Liegi
Liegi, Belgium.
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Prof. Cyrus Cooper

IOF President
Professor of Rheumatology
University of Southampton
Southampton General Hospital
United Kingdom
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Prof. René Rizzoli

Emeritus Professor of Medicine
University Hospitals and
Faculty of Medicine.
Geneva University
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Latest News

Echolight in Japan

Obtaining the prestigious PMDA certification in Japan. After more than two years of intense work, we are proud to announce the obtaining of the prestigious authorization to sell for EchoS device in Japan issued by the PMDA Japan: Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices...

ASBMR 2020

New scientific studies presented at the ASBMR American Society for Bone and Mineral Research Congress 2020:   1. A novel non-ionizing technology for bone densitometry and fracture risk prediction Conversano, D. Ciardo, F.A. Lombardi, P. Pisani, S. Casciaro...

R.E.M.S in the spotlight at WCO 2020

IOF and ESCEO celebrate R.E.M.S. with a dedicated Scientific Symposium. The curtain comes down at the World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases, WCO 2020, the virtual Congress organized by IOF (International Osteoporosis Foundation)...

The next generation of healthcare

Home Care as a response to COVID-19 pandemic. .... Based on a true story. In this particular historical moment full of uncertainties and changes, resulting from the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we hear more and more often about Home Care, a series of medical services...

Webinar Series “Your Bone Identity”

Launch for Webinar Series Project "Your Bone Identity" Echolight announces the launch of the Webinar Series project "Your Bone Identity", a sequence of online conferences which will be held starting next September with the aim of raising awareness among the Italian...

Echolight USA Opening

OPENING OF ECHOLIGHT USA IN SEATTLE Echolight announces the opening of a new corporate office in the United States. A steady growth over the years has favored the expansion of the innovative Italian company in many countries of the world, thanks to the numerous...

Remsify your clinic

The first R.E.M.S. Clinic  We are pleased to announce the opening of the first diagnostic center in Romania entirely dedicated to R.E.M.S technology. At the “Osteodensys” center in Bucharest, bone densitometries are exclusively performed by the R.E.M.S. technology...

Echolight in France

Echolight has always benefited from the highly professional and competent partners for the marketing of the innovative EchoS bone densitometer all over the world, and recently also in France. The high level of innovation achieved through the use of R.E.M.S. technology...

Echolight in Russia

Echolight secured the Russian certification. We are proud to announce that we have obtained the certification for the marketing of our devices in Russia. A further recognition obtained in these days by Roszdravnadzor (Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare),...

Echolight in the UK

Echolight continues its expansion around the world. Today EchoS, the only radiation free device for the bone assessment on the lumbar vertebrae and the femoral neck, is marketed in more than 30 countries, thanks to the network of distributors located in different...