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III Meeting of the Echolight International Scientific Board, February 4th 2020, Geneva

On February 4th, the III Meeting of the Echolight International Scientific Board was held in the beautiful city of Geneva, chaired by Professor Maria Luisa Brandi, with the special participation of Professor Cyrus Cooper from Southampton, Professor Rene Rizzolì from Geneva and Professor Jean-Yves Reginster from Liege and with the contribution of Professor Alfonso Diez-Perez from Barcelona.

The meeting was also attended by Dr Francesco Conversano and Dr Paola Pisani as researchers of the Institute of Clinical Physiology of the National Research Council and the founder of Echolight Dr Sergio Casciaro.

During the meeting, the clinical and scientific results relating to multicenter and monocentric studies and further developments of R.E.M.S. technology (Radiofrequency Echographic Multi-Spectrometry) were presented.

The International Scientific Board enthusiastically expressed itself about the clinical results obtained in its clinical research centers and confirmed the real benefits that R.E.M.S. technology provides to the population in terms of possible prevention of bone fragility fractures and the several opportunities it offers in the medical field for all physicians involved in monitoring the state of bone health.

It is an honor and a great encouragement for Echolight’s initiatives to gather such an interest and receive these precious strategic and scientific support of the most notable personalities worldwide in this medical domain.

In fact, each member of the International Scientific Board provided important contributions to enrich the insights of the international multicenter studies, which directly involve this distinguished group of Professors, with the aim of investigating the additional clinical indicators available through the R.E.M.S. technology for the evaluation of the bone fracture risk and the concrete improvement of people’s quality of life.

We sincerely want to thank the members of the International Scientific Board for their support and for the valuable suggestions provided at the highest level!

Find out more about the members of the Scientific Board at the following link:

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