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22 Mai 2018
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21 September 2018
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The International Scientific Advisory Board of Echolight in Florence.

In the wonderful setting of Strozzi Hall at Helvetia & Bristol Hotel in Florence, a few weeks ago, the international scientific advisory board of Echolight took place, chaired by the President Prof. Brandi and with the participation of Prof. Reginster from Liegi, Prof. Rizzoli from Geneva and Prof. Diez-Perez from Barcelona, ​​together with members of the National Council of Research and Echolight team.

On this occasion the latest developments of REMS technology have been discussed and analyzed, and in particular how to exploit the advantages in clinical practice through the use of the new technique, the release of new publications in the most important international medical journals that are according to this page, the completion of the European multicentric study and the future inclusion of REMS tecnology in the guidelines of the diagnosis of osteoporosis.

The international scientific advisory board of Echolight, which meets several times annually, has a primary role in defining REMS technology developments, future strategies and its use, focusing primarily on the benefits for patients and the entire medical community that operates in the study of bone health and the diagnosis of osteoporosis.

You can see some shots of the meeting by visiting our Facebook page at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/echolightspa/


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