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18 March 2020
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15 April 2020
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Echolight in Latin America

Echolight’s international expansion continues: it has long since it landed in Latin America. After obtaining important certifications for the marketing of the innovative EchoS device in Mexico (COFEPRIS) and Brazil (ANVISA), today the range of Echolight products is also available in all the other countries of the region. A dedicated team and official partners guarantee their promotion and marketing as well as technical support and assistance for the ever growing number of customers who choose Echolight.

Thanks to our distributors network, EchoS is already marketed in over 30 countries worldwide, in more than 300 medical centers that deal with bone health and prevention, diagnosis and monitoring of Osteoporosis.

The company mission is to provide the medical community with a new generation device, developed and assembled in Italy, able to evaluate bone micro-architecture thanks to the exclusive and proprietary R.E.M.S. technology (Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry), characterized by:

– High levels of precision

– Absence of ionizing radiation

– Easy use

These are the strengths of a unique device of its kind in the world for an accurate evaluation of the clinical parameters of the patient’s bones.

The achievement of certifications and the spread of EchoS on world markets is for us a reason for satisfaction that drives us every day towards the sole purpose of improving people’s quality of life.

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