The software for the diagnosis of osteoporosis.

EchoStudio allows the processing of the signals acquired during the echographic scans through a simple and intuitive interface ensuring the complete management of diagnostic results.

The implemented algorithms allow accurate and reliable diagnosis with different applications relating to the diagnosis of osteoporosis and other bone diseases.



Fragility Score*

Body Composition


The software through the implemented algorithm assists the clinician fully automatically getting a complete and operator independent diagnosis at lumbar vertebrae and femoral neck.

EchoStudio report provides all common parameters of the diagnosis of osteoporosis: BMD (g/cm2), general and specific, T-scores, Z-Score and Body Composition Index.  The software also provides a simple management of the patient database and medical reports.


EchoStudio, thanks to a licensing agreement, includes the integrated FRAX® software, allowing the clinicial to calculate the 10-years risk of fracture (generic/hip),  making our device the most complete and reliable solution for bone densitometry available.


Body Composition.

Analysis of the distribution of body components is an important parameter to understand the changes in weight and the body fat. Until now there were only radiographic techniques such as DXA, CT scan or MRI that allow to view and directly measure the variables of body composition. EchoStudio for the non-invasiveness, the high sensitivity and reproducibility will become the new gold standard for body composition evaluation.

Fragility Score.*

The medical report also includes a new numerical parameter – Fragility Score – which provides an independent assessment of bone fragility and risk of fracture obtained by dedicated statistical and spectral analysis.

The ultrasound images acquired and the related radiofrequency signals from the internal bone micro architecture, are automatically analyzed by the algorithm giving a parameter related to the bone quality and skeletal fragility.

Fracture risk calculated by FRAX® showed a remarkable correlation with Fragility Score and BMD of the femoral neck, confirming the potential of our new parameter to become the non-ionizing benchmark method for the prediction of the risk of osteoporotic fractures.

(*to be released soon)