Early diagnosis of osteoporosis

The only radiation-free solution for assessing the bone condition of lumbar vertebrae and femoral neck through a quick ultrasound scan for prevention, early diagnosis and monitoring of osteoporosis directly at your clinic.


Portable bone densitometry

It also comes in the ultra-light portable version by simply connecting the main unit to a laptop using a USB cable for carrying out diagnosis wherever you want.



On the spot



Bone Density

Evaluation of Bone Mineral Density at the lumbar
vertebrae (L1-L4) and the femoral neck providing all
common parameters of the diagnosis of osteoporosis:
BMD (g/cm2), T-scores, Z-Score.

Medical Report

Fragility Score

Independent assessment of internal bone structure
to evaluate the risk of fracture in 5 years through
dedicated statistical and spectral analysis.

Medical report

Body composition

Analysis of the distribution of body components
providing BMI, Body Fat and Basal Metabolism Rate
measurement during the scan.

Medical Report

Bone Identity

R.E.M.S. technology improves the diagnosis of osteoporosis and the risk of fracture in clinical routine

EchoS does not require a qualified operator, a shielded room, and high maintenance costs. Its versatility of use anywhere and under any condition will be significantly beneficial both to your clinic and your patients.



The most advanced bone densitometer for bone health assessment for your daily clinical activities.

Through an ultrasound scan of axial anatomical sites such as the spine and femur, this innovative technology allows to measure bone mineral density without using ionising radiation, by processing a true bone identity card. Besides ensuring a high level of accuracy, it does not require radiological protection, it is easy to use and its distinctive transportability facilitates the use thereof among patients hospitalised with fractures who cannot be transferred and the continuity of care at home.
Furthermore, the absence of radiation allows this method to be used on a heterogeneous variety of patients, including paediatric patients, patients at risk of secondary osteoporosis, diabetic patients, patients who have undergone cancer treatments and pregnant women.

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