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30 octubre 2019
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3 enero 2020
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Echolight S.p.A. was pleased to host Prof. John A. Kanis, who gave a key note lecture entitled «Future Trends in Osteoporosis Diagnosis and Treatment» on December 9th at Masseria Chicco Rizzo in Sternatia (Lecce – Italy). The meeting between Kanis and our team was an opportunity to discuss on current and future activities.

The fragility of bone and the risk of fracture, the importance of prevention, osteoporosis and the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders were the focuses highlighted by Prof. Kanis. Scientific research continuously leads to important discoveries that enrich the background of knowledge in the medical sector and of possible diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. In this scenary, for his remarkable contribution to scientific progress about the bone health, Professor Kanis received the «Echolight World Excellence Award in Medical Sciences 2019» in its first edition, as an international recognition for eminent personalities working in the medical field.

Among the many titles assigned to John A. Kanis over the course of his long career, he also is Professor Emeritus in Human Metabolism and Director of the «Center for Metabolic Bone Diseases» at the University of Sheffield, UK, Professorial Fellow at the «Catholic University of Australia», Melbourne and President Emeritus of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), a global organization dedicated to the care of patients affected by osteoporosis. His studies are mainly addressed to musculoskeletal metabolic disorders, including osteoporosis, sarcopenia, Paget’s bone disease, hyperparathyroidism, renal osteodystrophy and neoplasia affecting the skeleton. He is Editor-in-Chief of «Osteoporosis International» and «Archives of Osteoporosis» and is part of the editorial board of several of the leading international scientific journals.

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