A new era in the diagnosis of osteoporosis.
10 janvier 2013
Premiere Presentation at World Congress of Osteoporeosis.
15 avril 2014
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Echolight is pleased to announce the beginning of a national multicenter study for the clinical validation of the innovative Echos device for early detection of osteoporosis at lumbar spine and femoral neck.

Echos represents an innovative echographic approach for the diagnosis of osteoporosis, that fully exploits the spectral characteristics of the raw radiofrequency signals acquired during an ultrasound scan to determine the statrus of internal bone architecture.

Echos is the only solution enables to combine the advantages of the two main DXA and QUS existing technologies, allowing to bring the bone densitometry directly to the point of primary care, with a significant positive impact on the current diagnostic protocols and subsequent patient management.

Multicenter study, conducted in collaboration with the National Council of Research, includes the most importantiItalian reference centers for the diagnosis of osteoporosis and will have the following clinical referents: Prof. Maria Luisa Brandi, Prof. Marco Matucci Cerinic, Prof. Silvano Adami, Professor Giovanni Arioli, Prof. Stefano Gonnelli and Dr Maurizio Muratore.

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