Great success at WCO-IOF-ESCEO 2015
3 mars 2015
Echolight at Italian Osteoporosis Congress.
22 novembre 2015
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Great success and positive feedback from the medical community for the oral presentation given by Prof. Francesco Conversano at the recent European Congress of Rheumatology, held in Rome. In front of a large audience and qualified Prof. Conversano presented the new parameter Fragility Score, innovative approach to fracture risk assessment through the Echos device.

The Fragility Score provides an independent assessment of bone fragility and risk of fracture obtained by dedicated statistical and spectral analyzes.

The ultrasound images acquired and the related radio frequency signals from the internal bone micro-architecture, are automatically analyzed by the algorithm giving a parameter indicative of the quality of bone and skeletal fragility.

Fracture risk calculated by FRAX® showed a remarkable correlation with Fragility Score and BMD of the femoral neck, confirming the potential of our new parameter to become the non-ionizing benchmark method for predicting the risk of osteoporotic fractures.

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