New USA headquarters and new certifications


New York, May 13, 2022: We are pleased to announce the move of our new USA Headquarters to the beating heart of the Big Apple, with offices located in a prestigious location in New York City and precisely at 509 Madison Avenue in the center of Manatthan.

This big step is a consequence of the strong growth of activities in North America, attested by the new FDA approvals also for the EchoSK and EchoS Gyn software applications, two optional modules of our device that allow the use of R.E.M.S. also in musculoskeletal and gynecological applications, and by another important overseas registration recently obtained, the Medical Device License issued by the Canadian health authority “Health Canada”, thanks to which the marketing of our devices on Canadian has been authorized and already started a few months ago by our local partner.

Echolight therefore evolves and grows continuously, positioning where “things happen”.

Contact us here for activities in North America:

509 Madison Ave RM 1510

New York, New York 10022, USA


+1 425 658 060

About Echolight

Echolight Medical has developed the first clinically available method for the direct non-ionizing measurement of lumbar and femoral bone mineral density (BMD).

The device, EchoS, utilizes proprietary R.E.M.S. (Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry) technology to scan the lumbar vertebrae and proximal femur. The EchoS rapidly generates a medical report that includes BMD, T-score and Z-score. In addition, the system automatically assesses the quality of bone micro architecture, independent of BMD, and provides a five-year probability of a major osteoporosis fracture.

EchoS offers significantly increased levels of accuracy, sensitivity to bone mass changes and diagnostic reproducibility over DXA systems. This, coupled with the absence of ionizing radiation, allows for osteoporosis diagnosis at the point of care more broadly and at an earlier stage. It also enables more accurate monitoring post diagnosis. Learn more about the FDA-cleared EchoS at:

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