Thank you to everyone who visited us at out booth. We’re grateful for the opportunity to share our advancements in bone health. RSNA this year was a super exciting experience. Hundreds of visitors crowded our stand throughout the event with interest in our innovative technology that had just landed in the USA. We strongly believe that the entire medical community and patients can greatly benefit from a more accurate and earlier assessment of bone status through our REMS technology.


Radiation-free technology for assessing bone density and quality on the lumbar vertebrae and proximal femur through a revolutionary approach to characterise bone microarchitecture using radio frequency signals acquired during a simple ultrasound scan. The method overcomes all the main limitations of DXA (Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) and QUS (Quantitative Bone Ultrasound).

Through an ultrasound scan of axial anatomical sites such as the spine and femur, this innovative technology allows to measure bone mineral density without using ionising radiation, by processing a true bone identity card. Besides ensuring a high level of accuracy, it does not require radiological protection, it is easy to use and its distinctive transportability facilitates the use thereof among patients hospitalised with fractures who cannot be transferred and the continuity of care at home.Furthermore, the absence of radiation allows this method to be used on a heterogeneous variety of patients, including paediatric patients, patients at risk of secondary osteoporosis, diabetic patients, patients who have undergone cancer treatments and pregnant women.

Contact us to learn more about our new concept of bone health.

We look forward to seeing you the next year!

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