Home Care as a response to COVID-19 pandemic.

…. Based on a true story.

In this particular historical moment full of uncertainties and changes, resulting from the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we hear more and more often about Home Care, a series of medical services that can be carried out directly at the patients’ homes. Today, more than ever, this practice is spreading, especially among the population groups most affected by the Covid-19 emergency, such as the elderly.

The pandemic emergency and the related physical distancing measures have led to a significant reduction in the number of screenings in the various medical areas, important for disease monitoring, but also for prevention in the healthy population. Many people decide not to go to doctors’ offices to avoid the contagion and this behavior increases the risk to aggravate their health.

Fortunately, the number of companies providing home medical services in total safety is increasing. One of the best practices in Italy is the imaging service of RS Diagnostic, whose focus is not only patients who cannot leave their home, but also those who want to undergo a diagnostic examination within 48 hours from the request.

And just in the period of maximum spread of the pandemic, RS Diagnostic decided to equip itself with EchoS, the portable bone densitometer based on the new R.E.M.S. technology (Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry) which quickly, accurately and without the use of radiation can investigate the status of the internal bone architecture of the axial sites for the prevention, early diagnosis and short and long term monitoring of the Osteoporosis or the bone health in general. 

It is important to check the health of our bones at any age and from now on we can even do it while staying comfortably at home. If in the past the investigation of bone health was a purely hospital procedure with very long waiting times, low accessibility and consequent late diagnosis, now, thanks to EchoS we can easily do it not only in the doctor’s office, but also at home, with enormous clinical benefits for the prevention of fragility fractures anywhere in the world.

We thank RS Diagnostic who chose EchoS in a critical and uncertain moment, taking the opportunity to lead the change in the healthcare approach towards the patient that will inevitably go in favor of people’s health.

If you are a specialist or an operator in the health sector and want to find out more, click here: https://bonehealth.echolightmedical.com/

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