Launch for Webinar Series Project “Your Bone Identity”

Echolight announces the launch of the Webinar Series project “Your Bone Identity”, a sequence of online conferences which will be held starting next September with the aim of raising awareness among the Italian and international medical community about a new concept of bone health, oriented towards prevention, early diagnosis and bone status monitoring to prevent and reduce the risk of fragility fracture.

During the virtual conferences, some of the most authoritative specialists on the subject will deepen the state of the art in the bone health assessment, investigating the quality of the internal tissue, and how the new R.E.M.S. technology (Radio Frequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry) can very thoroughly analyze the bone strength level of the axial sites (hip and spine).

The guiding thread will be represented by the concept of prevention, thanks to which the risk of fractures can be reduced by intervening promptly. From diabetics to menopausal women, from those affected by nephrology diseases to cancer patients. Even starting from healthy people, early diagnosis and monitoring of bone health conditions in the short and long term is of crucial importance.

“Your Bone Identity” is a global project that will involve all nations of the world starting from Italy on September 7th with the first webinar held by Prof. Gonnelli, assisted by Dr. Caffarelli, both from the University of Siena, who will deepen the concept of bone quality in order to prevent the risk of fragility fracture.

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